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Fenestration you ask?

It is the arrangement, proportioning, and design of windows and doors in a building.


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What We Do

The Fenestration Manufacturers Association (FMA) is committed to researching, testing, publishing, and teaching protocols designed as best management practices for the installation of windows and exterior doors exposed to extreme wind and water conditions.  Advocating on behalf of its members for a level playing field before government agencies, building commissions and building officials is of equal importance to installation, protocol development and teaching.

Code Representation

FMA advocates for solid policies at the state legislative level as well as before the Florida Building Commission, the Structural Technical Advisory Committee, and the Energy Technical Advisory Committee.


Governmental Affairs

What truly makes FMA different from other fenestration associations is our approach to advocacy. FMA provides the conduit to Florida legislators and the Florida building community policymakers to affect positive change on issues concerning our members and our industry. The FMA difference is our understanding of the legislative process and the power of effective advocacy. Your FMA membership provides you with a "place at the table" when decisions are being made affecting your business.

We invite you to join FMA today and become an active participant in affecting the rules by which you do business.

Search for Product Approval

Direct access to FMA members'  Florida Product Approval by clicking above.

Protocol Development

FMA, in conjunction with AAMA and the WDMA, pursue best management practices to resolve installation issues using our manufacturers' and suppliers' fenestration products.  FMA, AAMA and the WDMA have jointly published FMA/AAMA 100-12, FMA/AAMA 200-12, FMA/WDMA 250-10 and FMA/AAMA/WDMA 300-12 addressing consensus protocols for installations in wood frame and CMU substrates.

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